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We have several airlines as our partners. You can easily and quickly view as well as book international & domestic flights via us at affordable rates.



You can book vehicles for particular days of your tour. We have three vans and a bus available for weekends for full time and on other days on prebooked times.



We help you find the best accomodation to where you are travelling. Infact we go ahead and make sure that all the facilities are up to its best.

About Us A dedicated company for travel and tours in Nepal

Deerwalk Tours & Travel
Deerwalk Tours & Travel
Deerwalk Travel and Tours is a travel and expedition company, fully licensed under the Ministry of Tourism, in Nepal. After a long period of serving in the field of travel, we are proud to offer a wide range of service on best adventure and leisure holidays around the world. Deerwalk travel and tours was started to foster trust in travel industry, which requires members to adhere to the highest standards.

Whether you are staying in Kathmandu and exploring its rich cultural heritage while making day-long hikes in the beautiful hills around the valley or looking for an adventure in the far flung remote mountains of Nepal, Deerwalk is the one-stop travel agency for you.